Monday, January 23, 2006

R&D Magazines’ Hot Technologies for 2006—Seems like old times

R&D Magazine ran their Hot Technologies survey and came up with a ranking of the top technologies to watch for 2006. The top fifteen are

1. Anti-bioterrorism devices
2. Fuel cells
3. Nanotechnology
4. Battery/chemical energy
5. Carbon nanotubes
6. Drug delivery systems
7. Solar/wind power
8. Wireless communications
9. Bioinformatics
10. Artificial Implants
11. Environmental analysis
12. Lab-on-a-chip systems
13. RFID
14. Wireless/remote sensing
15. Drug discovery

The list is similar to last year’s and reflects current funding trends by the government along with current trends. For example the rising cost of oil pushed up the technologies related to solar/wind power and nuclear.

The article goes on to describe the life cycle of hot technologies and indicates that it takes 15 years for a technology to go from discovery to commercial product and it takes on average six years to go from discovery to hot technology.

In this blog we’ll look at a number of these technologies from a technology and application perspective.

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Hall T.